Interview With Physicians With Patients With Prediabetes And Diabetes Mellitus

Interview With Physicians With Patients With Prediabetes And Diabetes Mellitus

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Describe the problem as told by a healthcare professional
For this project I chose to interview two physicians who specialize in the management of stroke patients. Carlene W. Kingston MD is the Stroke Medical Director and Inpatient Neurohospitalist Lead Physician at Novant Health Neurology Specialists in Charlotte, North Carolina. Tommy Thomas MD, PhD is a Neuroscience Critical Care physician at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. The healthcare problem was initially identified for this project by T. Thomas MD, PhD. By interviewing two physicians, in separate geographical locations, a comparison could be made to see if the same problem could found in both health care settings.
When asked about a healthcare problem T. Thomas MD, PhD sees in his practice, T. Thomas MD, PhD stated, “we see a number of patients with prediabetes and diabetes mellitus that are poorly controlled and undertreated in the primary care setting. If we can identify and aggressively treat prediabetes, with routine surveillance of Hba1c, then we can lower the incidence of it’s secondary illnesses such as cerebrovascular accidents, also known as stroke. Diabetes is a terrible and modifiable contributor to stroke. Stroke is of the leading causes of death in the United States” (T. Thomas, a personal communication, March 14, 2016). Grady Memorial Hospital is one of the busiest stroke centers in the United States. Thomas MD, PhD and his colleagues have found that a large portion of the patient population in Grady’s stroke center present with elevated blood sugar. There is a clinical trial currently being performed at Grady called the SHINE study. This study aims to prove that with better treatment of hyperglycemia in acute stroke patients, ...

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...could greatly reduce healthcare cost, hospital admissions and mortality rates.
6) Signs and symptoms
The clinical manifestations are related to the hyperglycemia found in diabetes. They are often overlooked. The person may present with polyuria, polydipsia, polyphagia, blurred vision, fatigue and skin infections (Grossman & Porth, 2014).

7) Common treatments
Type 2 diabetes is most often associated with obesity. The initial treatment should include nutritional therapy to achieve weight loss and keep blood glucose levels within normal limits. In addition to optimal nutrition, the patient should begin an exercise regimen. A wide variety of oral and injectable antidiabetic agents can also be used for advanced treatment. Patient education and participation are vital in achieving therapy goals. Long term follow up care is necessary to prevent secondary illnesses.

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