Interview With My Mom

Interview With My Mom

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I interviewed a fifty-five year old female named Theresa Geis. She is married to Robert Geis and they have four daughters including me. They reside in Denver, Colorado with one daughter still in the house. Theresa graduated with a master’s degree in teaching with a focus in special education. She grew up in Greeley, CO but enjoys Denver and where she is currently at. Theresa and Robert have had the same house in Denver for twenty-one years now and have recently bought a cabin in Estes Park which is on the border of Rocky Mountain National Park.

A typical day for my mom is her waking up at five forty five and going for an hour walk outside. After her walk she wakes up her youngest daughter Rebecca. She will make her breakfast for her and then will eat breakfast with Becca. After breakfast she will proceed to get ready for the day, do a few chores before the preschoolers come at eight. Once eight o’clock rolls around she will start teaching preschool till noon in her basement which has been converted into a classroom. From eleven to noon Theresa drives to the local coffee shop called the Prairie Peddler and gets an iced white chocolate Americano with a little skim milk. After her latte she will eat some lunch and then teach from noon till three. At three Becca has a game or practice which Theresa will go to or drop her off depending if it is a game or practice. After her game or practice Theresa will make dinner for her husband Robert and Becca. They will eat together, clean up, and chat about their days before retiring for the night.

The event that stood out most to Theresa was the birth of her youngest daughter Becca. This was because she was ready to go back into the work force of teaching since her three other daughters were old enough to take care of themselves and each other. Her routine change because of Becca’s birth required her to be a full time mother again and she was preparing to be a working asset for the family.

When asked if Theresa enjoyed or was satisfied with her present routine she was prompted in her response that she most defiantly was. She really enjoyed teaching and having a flexible schedule that allows her to spend quality time with her husband and her daughter.

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Theresa has numerous rolls that she has taken on. She currently is a wife, mother, chauffer, teacher, volunteer, cook, supporter, and church member. When Becca was two Theresa felt as though she could not fulfill her role as a mother. She was extremely sick with intestinal problems for over two weeks and ended up having to have surgery.

The things Theresa enjoys most doing is teaching, sewing, reading, volunteering, exercising, and being outdoors. What is important for her to do and that has always been important for her to do is walking. Again walking has always been important for her to do but especially when they had children it was a priority because she needed that me time every day even if it was only for thirty minutes.

When asked if she would like to make changes in how she uses her time in the future she said she would not. Theresa really enjoys the balance she has in her life right now and the time she is able to spend with her family because of her work. Theresa said that she if anything would like to spend more time at the cabin in East Glacier because it is so peaceful and relaxing up there.

What comes most easily to Theresa is teaching and her love for teaching others. If she ever faces difficulties it is her flexibility that will help her out. The most important people in her life right now are her husband, daughters, and extended family. She is also expecting a grandbaby soon and the baby will also be up there for importance. Theresa spends most of her time with Robert and Becca although she would like to spend more time with her other daughters they are all eight or more hours away.
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