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Interview with Mrs. B Concerning Sexual Attitudes in Her Youth
Mrs. B is a 52 year old married female who has four adult children, two girls and two boys, ranging in ages from 28 to 22. I chose to interview Mrs. B because I have known her for nine years, I am friends with her two daughters, and thought that I would be comfortable interviewing her on such a personal topic. I used skype to conduct the interview with Mrs. B since she is currently living in Erie Pennsylvania, where she has lived all her life. In the hour and a half interview we discussed a number of topics regarding sexuality and her experiences while she was growing up.
After a few minutes of small talk, the opening question of the interview was how Mrs. B had learned about sex while she was growing up. This lead to a few interesting stories about an older girl that lived up the street. This girl would tell the younger girls all about what she learned about intimate acts, from kissing to sex, during her time with boyfriends. The younger girls would listen wide-eyed to these stories, though they had no idea ...

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