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I am the graduate research assistant to Dr. Hasebe-Ludt, a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. While she is my supervisor, we have never had a formal discussion about research. I have worked with a sociocultural/cognitive psychology researcher and a cognitive neuropsychologist researcher, so I had some prior knowledge of quantitative research. The turn-around rate of their research was incredibly short (a few months to just under a year, depending on funding and ethics approval) and was rigid and controlled as a result of the quantitative nature of it. I was excited to interview Dr. Hasebe-Ludt in hopes of gaining more insight into the world of research.
Dr. Hasebe-Ludt is a qualitative researcher, doing what is called “interpretative inquiry”. I asked the nature of her research. She answered that her work is “phenomenological” and “hermeneutic” in nature. The specific area she studies is called life writing: the documentation of selves, memories, and experiences, whether one's own or another's. This means that multiple mediums are within this area: autobiography, biography, memoirs, diaries, letters, testimonies, personal essays, etc. Specifically, Dr. Hasebe-Ludt studies the life writing within teachers (including her own life writing) for teacher education. Because of the flexible nature of the research, increasingly creative and technologically advanced life writing modes are becoming more prevalent (i.e. photo essays, picture books, graphic novels, and films). While most of her previous work has been rooted in European traditions, Dr. Hasebe-Ludt has tries to expand her knowledge to more than Western philosophies. Specially, some philosophical traditional Eastern philosophies (Zen, Shinto, B...

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...interview incredibly helpful on a number of different levels. My experience has been solely quantitative research. While the quantitative researchers were passionate about their research, it seemed so strict. They would work long hours and sometimes sleep in the lab. These were researchers who lived by the “publish or parish” slogan. I asked Dr. Hasebe-Ludt about this. She laughed. She told me, “I suppose some people live like that; it all depends on tenure, and what track the professor is on.” She made it clear that some researchers put the pressure on themselves.
Dr. Hasebe-Ludt showed me that the field of research is much larger than what I had previously thought. Within quantitative and qualitative research, there are fields. While there is a somewhat negative stereotype to research, it is unfitting. Research is as broad and diverse as the people that study it.

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