Essay on Interview With A Tenured Certified Nursing Assistant

Essay on Interview With A Tenured Certified Nursing Assistant

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This paper provides an inside analysis of an interview conducted with a tenured Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) of a nursing home. The details of the interview were structured within the framework of performance management best practices as described in the literature of the long-term care industry. It began by presenting the interviewee and her reasons for holding the job for 10 years. Emerging details exposed major challenges of the work environment that are confirmed by the literature. It also showed that some performance best practices had been part of her organization, such as adequate and competitive pay, employee input, a clear communication channel and a mentorship program. Offering financial and institutional support for further education, and an employee retention program were noted as areas for opportunity for the organization.

Advanced Topics in Performance Management
Interview with Tenured Employee
As a healthcare professional, one of the most difficult working professionals this author has encountered is that of Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). Although their training in basic nursing skills allow them to work in a variety of settings (Rondeau & Wagar, 2001)), this paper takes a closer look at performance management best practices that affect the CNA in nursing homes, as seen in the eyes of Dana Scott, CNA (real names concealed), who was interviewed for this project. In the analyses that follow, the reader will be provided insights as to why Ms. Scott has remained in her position for the last 10 years; whether her organization incorporates performance best practices; and how these tie with known performance best practices in the industry.
Meet Dana Scott, CNA
Ms. Dana Scott is a 43 year-old Mexica...

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... or work-related issue. Additionally, included in her report, the Charge Nurse is also tasked with providing at least two suggestions for resolving the issue or ensuring that it does not occur again. For the CNAs, Ms. Scott noted that this has resulted in quick attention to problems, a direct line of communication with the Charge Nurse, and faster resolution of issues that would ordinarily cause workflow disruption. In a study by the Nursing Home Community Coalition of New York State (2003), aspects of good working conditions as described by the CNAs included, being treated with respect, receiving supervisory support, and experiencing teamwork. More so, Anderson, Corazzini, & McDaniel (2004) noted that a best practice HR culture associated with lower turnover for CNA and licensed nurses in Nursing Homes reported higher levels of communication, openness and accuracy.

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