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Interview With A Social Work Essay

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The purpose of this paper was to analysis an interview with a social work. Firstly, the social worker, Michelle Gall, has worked at Catholic Care in Wollongong for almost 10 years. She completed her diploma in Community Services and continued her studies at Wollongong University, completing her degree in Social Work Department. While at University her placements included the NAPEAN Hospital in Western Sydney. This placement was across a few wards that included the Pain Unit, Drug and Alcohol Ward, Accident and Emergency, and a rehabilitation ward were people were mostly recovering from stokes. Her second placement was at Lithgow in Correctional Services at a Men’s Prison. This placement reinforced her love for community services. Michelle placement at the prison included group work and drug and alcohol services etc. Her last placement took place at Family and Community Services, formally known than as Department of Community Services. This placement she didn’t like at all. She was offered two paying jobs after her placements. However, she only accepted one, that was in Sexual Assaults Counselling and Child Counsellor services. She worked in the position for many years. Until she started at Catholic Care. Where she currently works as a school counsellor and as acting Manager of the Family and community’s relationship programs. Michelle was also part of the consultation group that was held last year, that was aimed at talking to local social workers and was asked how this year social work degree would be useful at Wollongong University. She also mentioned that she went back to study and graduated from the Diploma in Secondary Education. Which she felt was needed for her role as school counsellor at Catholic Care. She cu...

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...on of Aboriginal students in the Nowra area. In Rosemeadow, the diversity of clients is from a Refugee or multicultural background. In Claymore, there is a lot of social disadvantage groups that attend the schools that Michelle workers at (Gall M 2016 pers.comm., 7th April).

One type of social work intervention identified in the interview with Michelle was she comes from a very practice based philosophy. However, a system based theory because they are child focus, the child is in a family or in sometime of system. Whether there in a school system, it around how can we get them to school a family system how can we work collaborative when approaching a child with an unhealthy behaviour. Catholic care would like it to be a consistent system between the school system and the family system. To have an efficient outcome for the student (Gall M 2016 pers.comm., 7th April).

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