Interview With A Job Interview Essay

Interview With A Job Interview Essay

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Most people find that going to a job interview can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. For some, a job interview is vital to one’s future, therefore the outcome of the interview can be of great importance to that person’s life. However, with a few helpful steps, a job interview can be quite simple. In order to succeed at a job interview you need to: conduct research on the employer and the job opportunity, review common interview questions and prepare responses, dress for success, arrive on time for the interview and be prepared, ask questions, make good first impressions, and thank your interviewer(s) in person and by email or postal mail.
Conducting research on the employer and the job opportunity is an important part of the process. The interviewer isn’t going to expect you to memorize facts about the company, but is looking to see if you have a general sense of what it is all about. If the employer sees that you have done your research it will show that you have shown interest in the company itself, which will make you a great candidate. In addition to that, researching the job requirements is important as well. It is important to be sure that the position you are applying for fits with your skills. Many people may go to a job interview without having studied the companies’ values or mission statement. The more thoroughly you research the company, the better you will be able to answer your interview questions (Heydt).
Reviewing interview questions and preparing responses hold the key to being prepared for what you may be asked by your interviewer. One of the most common interview questions you will be asked is, “tell me about yourself.” Your interviewer wants you to give them a broad overview of who you...

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...interview make sure that you have contact information for all who attended the interview and make sure that their names are spelled correctly; the easiest way to do this would be to ask them for a business card, if they do not already give you one. Sending a thank you note will leave a lasting impression with the interviewers. It will show them your gratitude for considering you for the position. In your thank you note you should include the following: restate your interest in the position, refer to things you discussed during the interview, reemphasize, in concise, powerful statements, how your skills can help the organization, thank the person for his or her time, and do not pressure the person to hire you (ldsjobs).
Now that you know the steps needed to succeed at a job interview, use them to be successful and conquer the career pathway that you have chosen.

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