Essay on Interview with a County Sheriff

Essay on Interview with a County Sheriff

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The subject for my interview was County Sheriff Ron Bowman. I chose Sheriff Bowman because of his years of experience in law enforcement and because he is a positive and well regarded member of our community. He has worked for the County Sheriff’s Office since 1990 and was elected Sheriff in 2002. Not only is he our county Sheriff he is a member of the Board of Directors of the State Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, the co-chair of the State Drug Endangered Children Board, a member of the State Crime Lab Advisory Board and is the co-chair of the County Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence. (About Sheriff Bowman, n. d.).
The focus of the interview with Sheriff Ron Bowman was diversity training for law enforcement officers, his opinions on different issues pertaining to diversity and acceptance of different cultures, races, socio-economic status, lifestyle, and gender, as well as any challenges he sees in how law enforcement officers deal with issues relating to diversity. We also talked a bit about his recommendations for anyone wanting to seek a career in criminal justice and the importance of personal choices and continuing education.
It was refreshing to see how much Sheriff Bowman and I agreed on many different scenarios when it comes to learning about different cultures and races, and how education is a key factor in helping others to understand the concept and acceptance of diversity. There is a necessity for those who are working with the public to receive and continue to be educated about all of the many different types of people that we will encounter in our lifetime and that just because someone believes, acts or behaves in a way that is different from our own does not mean that what they a...

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...mportant. Building relationships is a two way process and if you are working with or dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds you should be willing and open about sharing information about your own culture so that they can better understand you as well. This will help to avoid anyone making instant judgments as well as enforce the trust needed between two different people.

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