Interview Questions On Family Roots Essay

Interview Questions On Family Roots Essay

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For my interview questions I chose to interview a close friend to the family, I have known her since I was 7 years old so I see her as my own grandmother. Grandma Karen is 67 years old and living by herself, she has 4 children and 12 grandchildren on most holidays or on weekends we all meet at Grandma Karen’s house and enjoy the lake and get to visit with one another. Grandma Karen is a very sweet and loving person who is always trying to help others from family members to family friends, even when her health slows her down she is always willing to lend a helping hand.
When I began asking Grandma Karen about her family roots, I could tell that it was a touchy subject for, and I quickly found out why she was adopted and did not know much about her biological parents. She stated that even though her adoptive parents were not here real parents she loved then and they loved her as if she was their own. Grandma Karen stated to me that she was not lucky enough to ever meet her biological grandparents or her adoptive grandparents but her family was very big on getting together and having family bonding moments. I can tell that this was a habit passed down to Grandma Karen because she is always trying to find a way to have us all meet at her house and spend the day with one another whether you are a friend or family member to her.
Once I began to ask Granma Karen about her parents I could see the amount of joy and happiness that overwhelmed her, she told me that she loved her adoptive parents and they were loving and caring people who loved everyone that they came across. She stated that they rarely discussed their family roots but she was able to meet and visit with her aunts, uncles and cousins during the family gatherings. She told me ...

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...llest and that if she had a chance to relive her life she would not change it because she has lived her life to the fullest and everything she has done in her life. Grandma Karen told me that the brightest moment in her life was the birth of her children and that being able to raise them to their age was the biggest reward she could have asked for. I asked her what other accomplishments she has and she stated that one of her other great accomplishment would be staying healthy enough to meet one of her great grandchildren. She told me that if she cold guide one of her grandchildren to live a full life as she did she would let them know that the most important part of it all is that they do things that they enjoy. Finally I would have to say that I enjoyed interviewing grandma Karen because she was very open in her interview and I learned a lot of new things about her.

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