Interview Paper On Criminal Justice

Interview Paper On Criminal Justice

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Interview paper
As a part of my criminal justice 101 class I was asked to conduct interviews with two people in the criminal justice workfield. The two people that I had an the honor of interviewing are Bobby Ward of the Detroit police department and Mike taylor of the Romulus police department. I choose to interview them based of the prior relationship that had with them. I have personally known each interviewee for a total of 5 years. I will start my interview with Bobby Ward first then I will end off with Mike Taylor last.

Bobby who is 49 years old is the sergeant of the special victims sex crimes division in the city of Detroit. Bobby has two kids one is 19 and attends college in Wisconsin the other is 16 and attends romulus high school. Bobby is also married to his wife of 20 years. He was raised in detroit michigan and attend cass high school. After graduating he went to the police academy in detroit and started his career in law enforcement. After completing the police academy he was offered multiple positions in the law enforcement industry but he decided to stay in the city that he was raised in. Bobby felt that if he worked for the detroit police department it could be a small way that he could give back to his city and try to help make it a better city.

Bobby admits that he wish would have went to college to get his associate degree in criminal justice. He says that the advantage of going to college and getting a degree are that when you enter the police force with a degree you start with a higher ranking than the other people who join the police force without a degree. Another advantage that he says going to college gives you is that you learn how to be discipline. Bobby says that in order to have a succe...

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...romoted to sergeant of the sex crimes division. His daily life now consists of doing paper work and assigning cases to his workers. At the age of 49 Bobby wishes to retire and start work in the private security industry. When I asked Bobby was there any more advice he could give me he told that I would need to continue to work hard a never give up. He also told me to have good integrity because it 's key if you want to be a good police officer. I ended the interview with the question if there is one thing that could be better in the criminal justice system he told me that he feels that first responders don 't get paid enough. It 's not fair that athletes get paid millions of dollars, but the people putting their life on the line on a daily basis don 't even make a portion of that. Besides that he is happy with job he has and he wouldn 't trade his job for the world.

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