Interview Paper : Faculty Interview

Interview Paper : Faculty Interview

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Faculty Interview
When I was assigned the faculty interview assignment, I struggled with finding the right individual to interview. Having not yet picked a major, talking to someone that relates to my major would have been fairly difficult. Being brand new to campus I didn’t know many of the faculty, which didn’t help either. After taking some time to think, I finally came to a conclusion to interview my history professor Dr. Kim Morse. I chose Dr. Morse because, out of all my professors she has a different way of teaching than the others. Her attitude and personality is always wild and energetic, which keeps you interested as she’s teaching. Professor Morse seems extremely passionate about teaching which made it easy for me to decide to choose her. To prepare for the interview I had to come up with a list of questions to ask, those questions included:
1. Will you start out by telling me your educational background?
2. What all do you teach here at Washburn?
3. When did you decide you wanted to became a professor and why?
4. What made you choose Washburn University?
5. How long have you been at Washburn and what’s made you stay so long?
6. What class do you prefer to teach the most?
7. What is the value of a university education?
To start the interview, I asked; “Will you start out by telling me your educational background?” Dr. Morse has received her Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from University of Kansas, she then went on and earned her masters in Latin American and Caribbean studies from the Indiana University; at last, she got her PhD in Latin American History from the University of Texas at Austin. At Washburn University Dr. Morse teaches all three of the world history surveys, WU101 in the fall, and as for her upper division ...

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...again,” said Dr. Morse. She made me see the big picture on how experiencing and getting involved is very important now because, you will never have those experiences again. Studying abroad was a huge experience for Dr. Morse she said “studying abroad rocked my world.” This also opened my eye to considering studying abroad.
In conclusion, to my interview with Dr. Morse I have learned that I need to experience more activities throughout Washburn University and get involved; for example, studying abroad. Dr. Morse has been teaching at Washburn for thirteen years and loves it she describes it as perfect and she wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. To me this proves how amazing of a school Washburn University is. I believe I will benefit greatly from my interview with Dr. Kim Morse, and I plan to use all the advice she has given me in my future years as a Washburn Ichabod.

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