Interview of Supervisor at School Age Care Center Essay

Interview of Supervisor at School Age Care Center Essay

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I visited in a School Age Care Center to take an interview with the supervisor of the school age care center to get the answer to my previous assignment’s (grade K-3) question, now I am providing all her answer related to my questions following in my writing.

The questions are:

1. What is your philosophy for running your school age care center?

Answer: Our policy /philosophy is an inclusive setting for running this school age care center.

2. How do you and your other educators deal with the parents?

Answer: Our policy is an open door policy. When parents come to pick their child , we open our door to come inside and talk with them to make them easy.

3. What kind of interest areas do you provide for the school age children?

Answer : We provide many interest areas for the school age children such as Tactile, Imaginative, creative, physical, and academic act,

4. How do you supervise and evaluate your staffs?

Answer: I supervise and evaluate my staff formal and informal way. For examples evaluate their progress on my assigned projects, tasks, or duties, written performance evaluations act.

5. How do you offer a program for the children to meet their physical needs?

Answer: By using scaffolding. First we provide easy and when children are capable of doing that then we offer hard activities to meet their physical needs.

6. What is your and your staff qualification to become an educator?

Answer: Same as licensing qualification.

7. Tell me about your outdoor program for children.

Answer: Our outdoor program is child directed and educationally directed.

8. How do you provide opportunities to develop children’s social skill?

Answer: The answer is to develop children social skill we provid...

... middle of paper ...

...iding care for children?

Children place should be secured place. Because it is a big responsibility for all person who is providing care of them. Anything could happen in anytime. So my suggestion is this centre should put a locker from inside and they need to put a ring bell system front of the main door.

Summarise my overall impression of the setting:

In this centre, their all settings for the school age children are appropriate for their all developmental skills. I think they are trying to meet their philosophy which is fostering and contributing to the child development partnership with parents. as well their mission statement, “Our mandate is to meet the needs of our school families by providing quality age appropriate, interesting, engaging enjoyable activities for the students entrusted to our care on all regular school days and non school weekdays.”

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