Essay about The Interview Of J. Stephens From The New York Times

Essay about The Interview Of J. Stephens From The New York Times

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Nowadays people passion about becoming successful in life. Everybody wants to have a lot of money, because money makes our lives easier. To get a lot of money, we have to have a well-paid job. To get a good job without a college education is hard, but some people still earn a lot of money without it. So, is going to college worth your time and money now, for your life tomorrow? As a part of my investigation of this question, I read two texts: the interview of J. Stephens from the New York Times by Holly Epstein Ojalvo called “Why Go to College At All?” and the article “Is College Worth It?” from New York Times by David Leonhardt.
In the article “Why Go to College At All?” published in the New York Times Magazine, the author Holly Epstein Ojalvo provides the common reasons for this question, according to the opinion of Dale J. Stephens, the founder of UnCollege. Mr. Ojalvo and Mr. Stephens in the article discuss 5 main arguments most often given for going to college and then they doubt it. These reasons are: learning in supported educational environment, socializing and developing a network of friends and contacts, status, self-discovery, attaining a marketable degree and developing earning potential. Mr. Stephens is only 20 years old and now he is making the program which urges students to “hack their education” by finding their own pathways to success (Stephens, 2012). In the article he provides reasons and examples of why college is not that important place to go and why teenagers don’t want to spend time in the university on following a syllabus. Mr. Stephens also criticized the educational system – and standardized testing in particular. Conclusively, his idea is that if you go to college you should know why a...

... middle of paper ... that reliable ticket that the author mentions.
In conclusion, even though both articles are one sided, and both authors provide the opposite ideas about the topic, unfortunately or fortunately we are never going to know who is right for sure. That’s why life is so amazing, different people – different destinies and stories of success. Many men many minds. It will be always like that. Anyway, in my opinion, if you have an opportunity to go to the university or college, you should go. Besides the fact that you will get the education that will be useful during the entire life, you will meet new people, make friends, get connections and you will get the unforgettable experience of being a college student.
Nobody says that it’s going to be easy, but it’s worth it for sure. Do you want to get a college degree or just get lucky in life...? It’s your choice.

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