Essay about Interview : A Professional Field Of Psychology

Essay about Interview : A Professional Field Of Psychology

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Interview a professional in the field of Psychology
Throughout my academic journey I have had a difficult time deciding what occupational field I would pursue. This is not for the lack of interest, it’s quite the opposite. I have passion in almost everything I study. I have had a strong passion in Psychology, exceptionally. I have taken a handful of Psychology classes here at PCC. After taking a course in Human Growth and Awareness (PSY 240), my instructor advised me to take Psychology 202 and 201 where I would learn about the various subfields of Psychology. Upon having the opportunity to interview a profession in the field. I decided I would interview clinical social worker (LCSW), which is a sub-sector within the field of social work. A Clinical social worker works with clients in order help with mental and emotional health. There are a wide range of specializations a Licensed Clinical Social Worker can focus on. These include specialties such as: working with mental health issues, substance abuse, public health, school social work, medical social work, marriage counseling or children and family therapy. A Clinical social worker may interact with clients, do administrative work, or purely do research. The various career paths as a Clinical Social Worker are many.
In order to find a professional in the field of Psychology, I visit where I was able to locate a qualified Psychologist who is a liencied clinical social worker. I interviewed Jenny Williams who was kind to participate. I asked her six questions. The first question that I asked: How long have you been in school for? She attended University of Georgia where she first received a bachelor’s in Social. Her bachelor’s had taken her 5 years to achieve ...

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...with Jenny. Similar to Jenny, I have been indecisive for quite some time. I knew I wanted to work with people, but didn 't exactly know how. However, throughout this interviewing process I have realized I want to study in the field of psychology, primarily because I believe making people feel better is the first priority, and I because I have empathy for people. Another interesting thing that I have learned, the approaches to therapy could be intricate. Personally, I liked Cognitive Behavioral Therapy most because it is logically sound. I feel like I could apply this technique in my own life, which could lead to greater overall wellness. We as people associate all of our daily interactions with an emotion. Therefore, if we approach our weaknesses by changing our cognitive processing and behavior, we can expect a change our our emotions and the way we associate things.

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