Intervention Selection : Abc Bank Essay

Intervention Selection : Abc Bank Essay

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Intervention Selection.
ABC Bank has identified serious lapse in leadership cumulating in the dismissal of the mortgage divisions, sales director. The mortgage division staff had lost respect and confidence in their sales director, as a lack of ethical behavior became a commonplace within their department. This lack of structure had diminished productivity, morale, and customer service. When an individual that holds a supervisory position lacks leadership and ethical standards, the department, company, and customer service suffers tremendously. The CEO understand that there a fundamental problem at the core of their leadership, identifying the dismissal of the sales director as a pivotal moment in addressing the changes that are required. Forthwith, hiring a professional consultant to address the critical issues impeding progress of ABC Bank.
Proper Introduction
Upon arriving to ABC Bank the consultant is met by the CEO and asked to join an executive meeting already in progress, although this shows his enthusiasm for the changes, interrupting a meeting that is in progress is detrimental to the project. Ideally, the consultant is better served by a formal introduction, as opposed to an impromptu interruption. Whereas, the CEO wanted the consultant to be a passive observer in this meeting to identify teamwork, as well as the issues that are being discussed by the executive board. The ability to naturally observer the executive board has been compromised, as individuals will be uneasy and guarded. Ideally, the consultant would be formally introduced companywide via email with an informative explanation of the services, timeline, and overall goals of the project. The email allows the staff to read and digest the information ...

... middle of paper ..., lastly, a commitment to the leadership training. Empowering individuals with positive motivational coaching will strengthen the teams and ABC Bank’s productivity, efficiency and efficacy.
Client Resistance Strategies
The ability to anticipate conflict when implementing change is imperative to an effective professional consultant. Resistance to change is not only reserved for the individual’s you have swiftly identified as resistant to change. The majority of staff undergoing impacted by the changes will grapple with insecurities, doubt, a lack of confidence in their ability to change, as well as wondering if the consultant has any idea what they are talking about. It is healthy and normal for individuals to have a degree of skepticism and apprehension. Foresight, allows the consultant to anticipate resistance, combating doubt with understand and answers.

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