Intervention Programs: What are Social Parents? Essay

Intervention Programs: What are Social Parents? Essay

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The aims of Good Beginnings is to build better outcomes for children in vulnerable communities through effective early intervention programs. The support that is provided is a national children’s charity building with better outcomes for children and their families in vulnerable communities through effective early intervention and practical parenting programs, so that every Australian child has the opportunity for a good beginning in life. When this organisation work with families and communities, they listen. Good Beginnings develop partnerships, delivers services and recommends change to bring about better outcomes for children. The target group for Good Beginnings are for children up to five years of age. It is also for parents from mothers to fathers to have an education on how to ensure that their children have good childhoods. It provides parenting programs for disadvantaged children and their family. There are various ways that parents and families can access Good Beginnings. This organisation has a website in which families can access as much information as they can, and find out what they offer. On their website, it also has a section to where anyone can subscribe to the Good Beginnings Newsletter in which they send updated information to families. The cost of access to Good Beginnings organisation programs are free to children and families, with support ranging from supported playgrounds and literacy programs to fathering initiatives, at-home volunteer visiting for new parents, and intensive family support. Good Beginnings provides free early childhood and practical parenting programs for children and families across Australia, based at our Early Years Centre or visits to your home. The source of funding for Good Beginni...

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...ards the child. Surrogacy involves an arrangement between a woman and a couple who wish to have a child. The woman agrees to conceive, carry and give birth to a child. The social side is that the individual can also get too attached to the child, and the legal side is that after the pregnancy, the surrogant may not agree with the terms. Accessing Good Beginnings could contribute to the well-being of individuals and groups through the various programs and group activities provided. It seeks to strengthen and build collaborative community responses to the needs of children in local communities, so that they can grow up safe, happy and healthy. For the parents, it teaches and demonstrates ways of parenting so that they can grow as a family physically, economically, and mentally. From these support groups, these linked to the well-being of these individuals and groups.

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