Intervention Of International Relations : Intervention Essay

Intervention Of International Relations : Intervention Essay

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Intervention in International Relations
If you saw a person being murdered, would you intervene? Would you try and save that person’s life or sit aside and just let things happen? What if it was thousands of people? This is a common problem in international relations on whether to intervene in other sovereign states if human rights are being abused or just let that state deal with it on its own. In international relations, a sovereign state has the right to non-intervention, and to be free from unwanted external states regrading to internal affairs. In this essay, I will explain why it is better to intervene when there are extreme cases of a state abusing human rights despite the premise of non-intervention and we should do so on merit, not fear. Also, look into theories of international relations and how they relate to intervention.
What does it even mean to intervene? I think intervening in a case of humanitarian intervention is doing ones’ part to stop/lessen the abuse of human rights. I believe all of us as humans have rights and states do have sovereignty which we must respect but we cannot always. Rwanda is a perfect example. A whole ethic race was killed and eliminated and the international community did nothing. In the video “Ghost of Rwanda”, some U.S. ambassadors were even confused on why no one was helping. One even stated, “The United States of America could have 350 maries sitting at Bujumbura Airport, that the French were able to get in 500 or so paratroopers that the Belgians had over a 1,000 paratroopers. We basically had our intervention force on the ground.” (“Ghosts of Rwanda”) To me, intervention should have been there. You were only saved if you were white and that’s what it came down too. As a human race,...

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...r states. So, if you were using Marxism, you would look at a state like Rwanda and not intervene based on the fact that it’s a poor country and it does not offer an elite country like the UN or the United states a way to gain power in their zone. So, Marxism when it is referring to intervention, it denies the reason too.
Intervention will always be a heated debate in the international system and individual states forever. As humans, we need to do our part when it comes to human rights being abused. We have seen history and awful things take place like Rwanda, but we need to learn when enough is enough. Intervention is a necessary in extreme cases and we should feel like we have an obligation as our own sovereign states to intervene when genocide is happening or human rights are violated. We should do this as an international community together, not just one state.

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