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Intervention Dementia Essay

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Critique 2 Intervention Dementia
The objective of this study (Eloniemi-Sulkava et al., 2009) was to analyze if a program of care based on multiple components, such as peer support groups, exercise education and comprehensive geriatric assessment among others could delay the need for institutionalization of patients with dementia and prolong their care in the community. At the same time, the authors investigate if the impact that this program will have in the use and cost of social and healthcare service utilized by the studied patients compared with the usual care. The writers do not explicitly indicate the direction that the relationship between the intervention and the outcomes although we may infer that they expect a benefit from the intervention. The included literature review suggests that a prolonged stay at home has been achieved in similar studies that evaluated some of the components of the intervention tested as well as a possible reduction in costs. There is not an identified theory in the article. The researchers do an extensive literature review and base their framework on previous studies and their own experience and critical observation of the care of the patients with dementia in the community.
The design chosen for this study is experimental. A randomized controlled trial is performed during a period of two years. One of the inclusion criteria for this trial was to be a couple in which one member cared for the other who was diagnosed with dementia. Living at home in the Helsinki area was other requisite. The diagnosis of dementia was clearly defined as done by a specialist and that included medical imaging. The severity of the condition had to be at least 1.0 in a Dementia Rating Scale and a no more tha...

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