Essay about Intervention And The Intervention Groups

Essay about Intervention And The Intervention Groups

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Six RCTs in the literature review randomly assigned participants to the intervention and the comparison intervention groups. They were studies done by Courcoulas et al., Ikramuddin et al., Halperin et al., Parikh et al., Ding et al., and Kashyap et al. None of these study assignments were blinded or double blinded due to the nature of the intervention (bariatric surgery). Four out of six RCTs did not report on any instruments used to collect data. These were the studies done by Courcoulas et al., Ikramuddin et al., Parikh et al., and Kashyap et al. The remaining two studies listed the instruments used to collect the data. However, they did not report on its validity and reliability. This fact hampers the validity and reliability of their findings. All the six RCTs provided the reasons for subjects that dropped out or did not complete the study. Studies by Ikramuddin et al., Halperin et al., and Ding et al. measured the outcomes after one year. Parikh et al. measured the outcomes at six months. Kashyap et al. measured the outcomes at two years. Courcoulas et al. measured the outcomes at three years. Except the study by Courcoulas et al., no other studies conducted their follow up assessments long enough to fully understand the effect of an intervention. Subjects in all the RCTs had similar baseline and demographic variables in both intervention and comparison groups. These variables included diagnosis type 2 diabetes, age, BMI, HbA1C, and FBG. All the six RCTs showed a statistically significant difference (p < .05) between the intervention and comparison groups after various lengths of follow ups. These RCTs measured all the clinically important outcomes such as body weight, blood glucose, medication usage, BMI, diabetes r...

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... which was long enough. Outcome criteria such as BMI, blood glucose, blood pressure, diabetes remission, and triglyceride levels were objective and unbiased. The study showed that the bariatric surgery can lead to reduced HbA1C, weight loss, and diabetes remission and the results showed that it was statistically significant (p < .05). One quantitative descriptive study by Weiner and Neugehauer looked at the impact of bariatric surgeries on the quality of life of obese diabetic patients. The study looked at 89 diabetic participants which was not a big enough number. The study also did not completely outline its sampling plan. The study did not include HbA1C levels and no differentiation was made between type 1 and type 2 diabetes. These facts hamper the validity of the study finding which claims that bariatric surgery can improve quality of life of diabetic patients.

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