Intersectionality : A Sociological And Critical Theory Essay

Intersectionality : A Sociological And Critical Theory Essay

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Intersectionality is a sociological and critical theory about how an individual can face multiple threats such as oppression, domination and discrimination when their various biological, social and cultural identities overlap such as gender, race, sex, wealth, age, ability, sexuality and many other characteristics. Intersectionality maintains that oppressive institutions such as racism, classism, ageism and countless more “isms”, are interconnected and do not act separately of one another. The idea of intersectionality applies to both genders but is traditionally applied to women. Victoria Bromley, author of Feminism Matters: Debates, Theories and Activism expresses intersectionality by explaining how power is utilized in various forms to empower and show privilege in the feminist society. She also discusses oppression as a tool of understanding how intersectionality is a complex idea. Bromley, argues using everyday examples and analysis to illustrate how intersectionality affects how a women can experience oppression in various ways and intensities depending on the way her social and cultural categories are interconnected.
In Feminism Matters, Victoria Bromley analyses the use of power and how it intertwines with intersectionality and the feminist culture. There are two different ways that power is visualized in our society. The first branch she discusses, is empowerment. Bromley defines empowerment as a power that permits people to live more accomplished lives. Empowerment is an important aspect of feminism as it promotes power to be shared and be used for good instead of evil. Bromley believes that empowerment is “collective, expansive, and beneficial…Empowerment increases the social, economic, political and spiritual strengt...

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...tity there is. They are known to use methods of oppression, domination, inclusion, exclusion, inequality and exploitation to acquire another people’s land, culture and wealth. For example, Eurocentrism, uses the method of inclusion and exclusion to show the world that the ideal image of a European is the only valuable identity there is. These oppressive structures have greatly influenced our world when it comes to understanding how the effects of intersectionality depend on the time period, geological aspect and location.
In conclusion, people’s lives are multidimensional and intricate. Bromley expresses how intersectionality is based on oppression, privilege and power and how it’s important for us to understand the implications of these structures. The reality of today’s society takes into consideration how multiple identities connect and affect someone’s life.

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