Intersection Between Psychology And Faith Essay

Intersection Between Psychology And Faith Essay

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The subject of intersection between psychology and faith seems to have a special significance for those seeking to revise the integrity of learning in their own lives. We have two highly conflicting ways of learning: the first is religion and the second is science. These two are constantly in conflict: the average scientist lives in a world that is nominally religious while the average Christian lives in a world that is nominally administered by science.
Science deals with the visible, its goal is facts. Religion deals with the invisible, its goal is truth. How can a conflict exist between fact and truth. Is there no truth in fact? No fact in truth? How can that be? The arbitrator is philosophy, it is the means of reconciling the invisible indivisible aspects of life. science respected philosophies approach as rational to all types of phenomenon religion also recognized philosophies rational approach, for it recognized a reasonable foundation of all things seen and unseen today philosophy has lost its appeal science continues to flourish religion continues to survive and philosophy remains limping along as an intellectual cripple being restricted and confined to psychology. Science is for the young religion for the old and philosophy is somewhere lost in the middle. Scholastically speaking modern philosophers are indoctrinated in a system of education that is essentially materialistic. What used to be the claim of philosophy is what we know today psycho logy. Religion is under the domination of faith . Psychology is under the domination of science. philosophy is what intersects them both.
There is no ground for reason in believing religion and science are incompatible the visible tangible physical universe is the province of scie...

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...king therapists to tell us what is wrong with us or to overload us in medications
Psychology is wisdom of the world. Frued rogers maslov were all antichristian.
Chapter 4 vrrse 18 thessians. Ignorant within Cause heart is blind. The truth is in Jesus. Christian psychology says all truth is gods truth.
Jesus never mentioned psychology.
It all truth is God’s truth the phrase all truth is God’s truth is the phrase that is true prima facie reality of the forces of gravity is God’s truth God’s truth the problem is not in the truth of the phrasal truth is God’s truth but in the context in which it is used just because all truth is God’s truth doesn’t mean it’s Eckler Psychology contains truth and it certainly doesn’t mean that we should look to secular psychology for true 2nd Timothy 3 vs 16 17 read the following every Scripture is God freedom profitable for teaching for

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