Essay on Interrogation Of Christians, Religion, Politics, And Politics

Essay on Interrogation Of Christians, Religion, Politics, And Politics

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Having a strong belief in anything, religion, politics, love, etc.…can bring about certain reactions from people that do not and will not believe in those things that certain people do. It is a matter of free will to believe in what we want and face the consequences of the decisions that are made. It is only logical that there are consequences that have to be faced in order to have an impact on what you believe in. In “Interrogation of Christians,” five men are put on trial to face the consequences of their action. These five men, having a strong will to follow Christianity, do not stir from their faith, even if death is on the line, to return to the practice of the Romans. Why did these men fight for what they believed in, even if the consequence for believing in something other than the law requires you too, was death? These men fought for their freedom of religion by not backing down in the face of death to show that there is a greater deity than the ones that have a physical representation here on earth. Yes, there are emperors or kings that can give praises or punishments to those that defy the rules, but there is only one king that can righteously praise and punished and still be seen in good graces.
Believing in a different faith that the rest of the community disregards of, brings negative attention to those that stray from the pack. “We have never done wrong; we have lent ourselves to no injustice; we have never spoken ill of anyone; but when we have been ill-treated, we have given thanks, because we honor our emperor.” In this sense, the emperor that they are honoring is not the Roman emperor, but God. The five men, Speratus, Nartzalus, Cittinus, Donata, Secunda, and Vestia, take the mistreating’s they ge...

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...was going to improve life was worth dying for.
“Interrogations of Christians” was a reading that holds significance of the power of Christianity. It was so powerful that they Romans tried to find ways to get the followers to change their minds about their decisions. However, power influence cannot be easily sway. What the Romans where scared of was not having people following Christianity, they were scared of impact the followers were going to make after they were executed. There is nothing more admirable than dying for what you believe in. The deaths of these five men meant a start of a revolution of Christianity. This signified that change was definitely going to happen and the Roman Empire, their traditions, were not going to stop people from doing what they wanted to do because there was someone more powerful waiting for them in heaven rather than earth.

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