The Interrelationship Between Theories of Psychotherapy and the Techniques Used By Those Theories

The Interrelationship Between Theories of Psychotherapy and the Techniques Used By Those Theories

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In this chapter, Anderson, Lunnen, and Ogles (2010) discuss the interrelationship between theories of psychotherapy and the techniques used by those theories. They argue that the techniques used by therapists and the common change factors of all models of psychotherapy cannot be separated from the therapist’s underlying theory of psychotherapy. They unite these aspects into a contextual model. Anderson et al.’s contextual model and discussion of placebos will be evaluated and then applied to the author’s future therapeutic practice. Unfortunately, due to the pervasive influence of postmodern philosophy throughout the chapter, there is little that should be applied to one’s practice of psychotherapy.
Contextual Model
One of Anderson et al.’s (2010) key points is summed up in the following statement: “The contextual view holds that psychotherapy orientations (and other forms of healing) are equivalent in their effectiveness because of factors shared by all” (p. 145). They posit that four key factors are responsible for this success: the healing setting, the therapeutic myth, rituals prescribed by the therapeutic myth, and an emotional relationship in which one person is able to confide in another (p. 145-152).
Anderson et al. (2010) viewed the healing setting as shared beliefs between the client and the practitioner about what healing means (p. 148). They state “the setting in which a treatment occurs imbues the process with power and prestige while simultaneously reminding the participants of the predominant cultural beliefs regarding effective care” (p. 148). In this sense, whatever is acceptable treatment within a specific culture is valid so long as patients believe in the treatment. Thus, what happens in...

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... that they are the result of differing cultural expectations about healing.
In conclusion, Anderson et al. (2010) discussed the relationship between therapeutic models and the techniques utilized by them. However, the contextual model that they posit in this article is built upon a postmodern philosophy and has numerous flaws. As a result, I reject many of their arguments, at least as they are presented. Despite this, there was some information (albeit modified) from this article that I can incorporate into my own practice as a therapist.

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