Interprofessional Collaboration Is Vital For Health Care Practitioners Essay

Interprofessional Collaboration Is Vital For Health Care Practitioners Essay

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Interprofessional collaboration is crucial for health care practitioners because it promotes teamwork which increases patient safety. This paper will analyze a scenario with interprofessional competencies using the Canadian Interprofessional Health Collaborative model (CIHC, 2010). Impacts and strategies of these competencies on the scenario will then be discussed. The two interprofessional competencies that are relevant to the scenario is team functioning and interprofessional communication. Team functioning and interprofessional communication are fundamental competencies for interprofessional collaboration because they promote effective teamwork, communication, and patient safety.
The scenario occurred on a general medicine ward in a hospital setting. A nurse discovers near the end of shift that a resident had suddenly ordered several stat intravenous medication orders. These medications will take approximately five hours to run through and it was already seven at night. Both the resident and the nurse were aware of the patient’s need for the intravenous fluids for low potassium. Furthermore, the nurse found an order from the same resident declaring that another patient will be discharged by the end of the day. No one knew that there was discharge planning underway for this patient. The nurse did not know that this patient was ready for discharge because he was still under isolation and had loose bowel movements. No communication or contact was made between the nurse and resident during this shift.
One of the two competencies relevant to this scenario is team functioning. The responsibilities of team functioning were not met in this scenario. Teamwork is important for achieving interprofessional collaboration but the resident...

... middle of paper ...

... demonstrates irresponsibility for both the resident and nurse because they were unable to collaboratively participate in providing patient centered care. When health care professionals fail to collaborate, patient care is negatively affected. Therefore, interprofessional communication is essential for promoting effective communication.
In order to solve these competencies issues, strategies are required. Research was conducted on these two competencies to search for the best evidence-informed strategy interventions. The search terms used were interprofessional collaboration, interprofessional communication, team functioning and teamwork. The inclusion criteria was intervention studies which were published within the last five years and that were applicable to team functioning or interprofessional communication. The search started in the summaries level of evidence.

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