Essay on Interpreting The Changing Views Of Marriage

Essay on Interpreting The Changing Views Of Marriage

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Lindsey Pullen
Ms. Ingram
English 111-4137
12 October 2015
Interpreting the Changing Views of Marriage
One of the most controversial topics today is that of gay marriage. The world is ever changing and evolving, but are our beliefs changing because of the constant innovation. Gay marriage is now legal in many states but there are still so many against it and these articles examine why people’s opinions are changing. Lisa Miller a senior editor and religious columnist for Newsweek, states in her 2008 article “Gay Marriage: Our Mutual Joy” that the bible in no way opposes gay marriage, but in fact supports it. Miller firmly believes that the bible isn’t against gay marriage whatsoever and it’s all in how you interpret the scripture. In contrast, Scott Monsma, the department head and professor of Sociology at Northwester College in Iowa and President of the Association of Christians Teaching in sociology, infers in his 2014 article, “(Re) Defining Marriage: Changes and Challenges” that there is no single definition of marriage, it’s different for all cultures and religions. Miller regards marriage from an almost negative standpoint, thinks that people’s opinions, values and beliefs should change as time progresses, and organizes her essay in a very personal and secular way. Contrary to Miller, Monsma regards marriage in a more neutral way, examines what has changed in regards to gay marriage, and has a more sociological and historical point of view.
As stated earlier, Miller views marriage from the bible in negative viewpoint and even states that “[N]o sensible modern person wants marriage-theirs or anyone else’s- to look in its particulars anything like what the Bible describes.” (Miller 178) For example Abraham, Jacob, David, So...

... middle of paper ...

...ourt cases. He doesn’t get personally involved with it but merely wants to teach you about how the definition of marriage is different, has changed, how its changed and why it’s changed so you can fully grasp and understand why gay marriage with soon be legal in all fifty states.
As a whole I think both articles are full of examples why we should accept gay marriage within our society. They both contain why the concept of not just marriage but gay marriage is changing but why it’s changing and what’s causing it to change.

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