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I. Short Answer
1. In all likelihood, who were the Nicolaitans who are referred to in Revelation 2:15?
Nicolaitans who are referred to in Revelation 2:15 most likely is a Gnosticism sect in the first century.

2. What is meant by saying that the general religious climate of Asia Minor in the first century was syncretistic?
By saying that the general religious climate of Asia Minor in the first century was syncretistic is meant the people in Asia Minor want to keep many religions. Their approach to religion is more religions you have the better you are.

3. What feature in John’s description of the seal judgments (Revelation 6-7) shows that God seems reluctant to judge sinful humanity?
In John’s description of the seal judgments, the feature shows that God seems reluctant to judge sinful humanity is the judgments limit to only one fourth of the earth.

4. In Revelation 6:9-11, the souls of the martyrs are crying under the altar. What is the likely content of their cry?
The likely content of their cry is for the coming of the reign of God over all creations.

5. Describe one interpretation of the silence in heaven in Revelation 8:1.
The silence in heaven describes in Revelation 8:1 can be interpreted as the silence moment before the major important indescribable event to capture the attention of the readers.

6. (a) How does John seem to predict the beast from the sea in Revelation 13 as a parody of Jesus the Son? (b) Generally speaking, in apocalyptic literature, what is the usual symbolic meaning of the sea?
(a) John seems to predict the beast from the sea in Revelation 13 as a parody of Jesus the Son with the detail the beast has one head as if it had been slain and the fatal wound was healed. (b) Generally speak...

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...r half below the earth. That is how the earth was created. John seems to use this motif in Revelation 12 but with some differences. According to the interpretation of Roman Catholic Church, the woman in this scene is Mary. It is more correctly to interpret the woman as the whole Messianic community. By showing that the dragon when it was casted out of heaven it comes to earth, John may have a pastoral purpose for his readers, the Asia Minor Christian, that their enemy is not just Rome empire. Their real enemy is Satan, the serpent from the beginning and Rome Empire is just the latest incarnation of it. Continuing with this motif, John also says that the seed of the woman is Jesus. In Revelation 15, John may have an overall purpose for the situation of his readers by helping them to recognize their true enemy and also encouraging them to persevere under persecution.

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