Interpretation of Urban Design Essay

Interpretation of Urban Design Essay

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Interpretation of Urban Design
There is a precedent need for the presence of urban design. Urban design is the collection of arranged urban structures that creates functional spaces for people. This is an interdisciplinary practice that can involve multiple actors in fields such as urban planning, architecture, engineering, landscaping, economics, law, and many more. Strong urban designs can lead to the success of linking built structure together to create a unique space open to interpretation. These interpretations include utilizing the space for social interaction, a narrative about the city, and self-identification with the place. Childs methodology is from a case study perspective in which he observed and recorded the relationship between narrative and urban design. Sepe and Pitt base their characters of space in urban design from an individual and homogeneity perspective through anthropological, sociological and psychological tactics. Aelbrecht study of urban design is through observations of everyday urban spaces and reaching a conclusion that seeks to address the lack of public realms to facilitate public interaction. These perception of space will be reviewed in order understand the link between place making from urban design and its relation to bringing the community together.
Public Life
Good urban design can lead to a community having a strong public life. Strong urban design can instigate interaction between strangers. According to Aelbrecht (2010), there is an increasing decline of public life due to the failure of providing good public space. Her analysis states that urban design of public space is bland, safe, and this safety does not allow unplanned exchanges to occur. In her study, she did a case study of Parq...

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...nic structures or built forms that interact with people. Thirdly, identification is ultimately what makes the space irreplaceable; the unique identity associated with the space is what draws the audience. These interpretations, public life, narrative, and identity, are factors that will allure people therefore designers need to be able to facilitate these encounters with space in order to allow a communities to prosper.  

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