Essay about The Interpretation Of Dreams By Freud And The Many Disorders

Essay about The Interpretation Of Dreams By Freud And The Many Disorders

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Before this class began I was just a bit skeptical about taking it. I was worried that I would not be able to grasp all the information that was being thrown my way but to my surprise, learning information that I am actually interested in makes it so much easier. We covered so many topics but my favorite ones or the ones that caught my interest the most were the interpretation of dreams by Freud in chapter 4, the study of personality in chapter 13, and the many disorders we discussed in chapter 14.
I do not necessarily agree with Freud’s interpretation and we have discovered through the semester that not many people did either. I chose this particular topic because his reasoning behind his interpretations definitely caught my attention. His main focus was sex and aggression and he believed that our dreams were wishes that we wanted fulfilled. In this day and age, sex and aggression seems to be a huge part of our culture. We may not always want to believe that so we repress certain feelings and desires. One thing I will not ever forget was in class how this idea was being explained and the example about the tree trunk being symbolic and what it actually meant according to the dream interpreter. I still to this day have a confused look on my face, thinking, “What in the world?” Freud definitely had some way out there ideas but in some weird way they actually make sense. I certainly do not believe this will improve my life experience in any way but it might be helpful when trying to determine where some of my reoccurring dreams keep coming from. Prior to this class I would have never encountered the approach that all my dreams were determined by sex and aggression. I am glad that I was able to learn about this way out there idea an...

... middle of paper ... The last disorder I will touch base on is dissociative fugue. This disorder is classified by a person that travels away from their accustomed surroundings and on the trip they develop amnesia and when they arrive they have no idea where they are and sometimes who they are. I would honestly love to learn more about that disorder and hear about experiences people have had with it. Before I took this course I was blindly misinformed about disorders and mental health. I plan on taking all of the information I have acquired and putting it to good use. I am going into the healthcare field so it would more than likely be in my favor to know the signs and descriptions of each disorder so I can appropriately help people. I am thankful I had the opportunity to take this Psychology course and was able to have it lay the ground work for further learning and understanding.

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