Interpersonal Relationships With Celebrity Drama

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Interpersonal Relationships In a world where the reign of complexity rules with the strongest of influence, our ability to communicate with one another allows us to solve even the most difficult of situations. Even so, human beings take communication for granted, we possess the ability to communicate instantly from across the globe and in real time, we can alert others of danger within a minute 's notice, and keep our governments in check. Yet, we squander and misuse our communicative abilities to gossip about celebrity drama or the nonsensical events that take place within our society. However our ability may or may not be used, our potential to communicate is essential to our functionality and the survival of our interpersonal relationships and species. Interpersonal relationships are essential to the wellbeing of partners and our own mental wellbeing as well. These relationships provide companionship and perhaps other forms of therapy for those in the party. These relationships help manage our emotions through constant interaction and provides an open line of communication whenever or wherever it may be needed. However, this poses a question; can humans survive without interpersonal relationships? According to the online scholarly article titled: “Interpersonal Relationships, Motivation, Engagement, and Achievement: Yields for Theory, Current Issues, and Educational Practice” we emphasize just how critical and essential the perks obtained through these relationships are. Through these relationships we “theorize the concepts of academic morality on the strong and healthy relationships students establish” (Martin, 2009). Through interactions and through the successful and unsuccessful relationships we develop throughout our life... ... middle of paper ... ... and gut wrenching conversation we settled our differences and opinions and agreed that we are all in for a nasty and unsatisfactory victory regardless of who wins the race. Which in my opinion was taking the highroad of our argument. In conclusion, the relationships we develop help us cope with the everyday hardships of life. Our relationships provide a safe-haven to express oneself and the problems we may encounter through everyday life. It is also through these relationships that we learn who we are, what we consist of, and what we are capable of achieving alone and as a group. The work ethics and the team mentality that is developed through these interactions is nothing more than an added bonus for maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with friends, family, coworkers, and superiors and skills we obtain from them will live on within us for years to come.

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