Essay on Interpersonal Relationships in an Intimate Context

Essay on Interpersonal Relationships in an Intimate Context

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Personal relationships are central to being human. We have relationships of so many kinds and maintain so many roles throughout our daily lives. We are expected to be a successful communicator as coworkers, parents, children, friends, siblings, and intimate partners. Interpersonal communications investigates both nonverbal and verbal message exchange between two people regardless of their relationship. Interpersonal communications is a fairly new profession and field of study but it is one that applies to all. Humans cannot, not communicate; perhaps that is why the amount of research available in this field is increasing to rapidly. Scholars such as Timothy Levine, Rene Dailey, and Megan Dillow are doing countless experiments on hot topics in the communication discipline such as topic avoidance, similarity breeding liking, taboo topics, and uncertainty in intimate realtionships.
In the field of Interpersonal Communication, intimate relationships are something to being closely examined to understand what breeds liking, closeness, intimacy, topic avoidance, and initiation of romance. Timothy R. Levine, a Professor of Communication at Michigan State University has published more than 100 journal articles in his field. Throughout his career he has focused mainly on interpersonal communication, cross-culture communication, and research methods. He was published in Communication Quarterly, a notable journal for his field, in 2006 for his article “Love Styles and Csjdommunication in Relationships: Partner Preferences, Initiation, and Intensification”. Communication Quarterly is an academic journal that was first published in 1953 featuring quality, peer reviewed research of the communication discipline edited by nineteen scholars fro...

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...uals decisions to avoid topics are negatively related to perception of closeness (Dillow, 2009, p. 205).
Dillow’s study portrayed the importance of finding underlying factors that cause people to avoid certain topics and the impact that has on romantic relationships. Each of the key researchers published that I examined contributed to discovering the ways in which couples do and don’t communicated for various reasons.
The communication field is so large that there are far more journals available than the ones that I included. Some of the largest and most notable include Human Communication Research, Journal of Communication, Communication Research, and Communication Theory. All of which are peer-reviewed and come together from the findings of esteemed scholars from around the world.

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