Essay on Interpersonal Relationships And Social Media

Essay on Interpersonal Relationships And Social Media

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Interpersonal relationships die by means of neglect and abuse. The quickest way to injure and eventually kill a relationship is through the use of a weapon like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and SMS. Although there is a personal disconnect when using social media, people increasingly relying on it resulting in a change in the style of communication (Keller XX). Social media has not only helped people connect with others that they may not have encountered otherwise, it also provided quick access to current support networks. Social media has since evolved into a means for people to replace and supplement their relationships (Day XX). In order to sustain interpersonal relationship, there must be face-to-face contact; however, according to Social Work Today, we have moved away from this method of personal interaction in favor of social media (Keller para. 2). To better safeguard interpersonal relationships, users should restrict their use of social media to periods of time when they are not in the company of family and friends.

Users of social media tend to seek interaction with people who share their viewpoint (Keller XX). When family and friends offer a point of view that conflicts with their own, they may not want to share further thoughts opting to find those who support their stance. Keller goes on to say that people come to trust those they encounter online, thereby tend to be more open than they would with those people they regularly interact with face-to-face (XX). This new relationship gives a person a false sense of intimacy that can result in disappointment down the line, such as messages being shared with others outside of that network (Keller XX).

When people heavily rely on social media, they tend to unle...

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...s). While social media can help embolden others to speak well of fellow users, I believe social media is often misused to cause pernicious to the public. Over the past year, forty-two percent of teenagers have reported cyber bullying. Many kids cannot cope with the social embarrassment caused by their peers. In result, many teens have taken their own life to escape the constant imperious behavior of others.
In conclusion, Social media has not only caused harm to our grammar and writing skills, it has also caused harm to our interpersonal relationships. Personal relationships are rapidly declining because instead many people are choosing social media sites over race-to-face interactions. While many say social media can be a place to make new friends, or even catch up with old friends, it also can be a place to cause harm to others, and personal relationships.

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