Interpersonal Relationships Among Team Members Essay

Interpersonal Relationships Among Team Members Essay

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Even though, incompatibility can harmoniously exist within an organization, it is only when team member’s behaviors are interdependent that a conflict generally occur (Miller, 2015). When people work together, the team must have some level of cooperation for the team to accomplish its objectives. In fact, the performance of the team depends in part on the degree of cooperation that team members achieve. Hostile relationships among team members can lead to conflict, which disrupts the team 's efforts to achieve specific goals. In turn, supportive relationships lead to collaboration and compromise and the greater likelihood that team members will manage their conflicts and accomplish their goals. Without interdependence there can be no interaction.
According Miller (2015), conflict accentuate the role of interaction in organization conflict. Whereas, conflict contains the expression of incompatibility and not just the reality of incompatibility. A concept such as this illustrate the need for scholars to include communication in the study of conflict. Why? Perhaps it is because communication plays an important role in how conflict can be dealt with. Communication can take place in several forms such as verbal, written and non-verbal (Choudrie, 2005).
Levels and Phases of Organizational Conflict
In order to fully comprehend organizational conflict, it is important to gain understand about the levels and phases of conflict. There has been research gather on levels to which organizational conflict can occur. Three levels in particular have been received great attention. These levels are interpersonal conflict, intergroup conflict, and interorganizational conflict. In addition, individuals pass through five phases of organ...

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...” (Sajith, 2010). It is important to know that individuals may not pass through the five phases of organizational conflict suddenly.
Managing Organizational Conflict
Conflict may not be resolve suddenly, therefore, organizational members must develop strategies to manage it. Communication is one of the wide range of activities that help with conflict management. Organizations rely heavily upon management to communicate and promote healthy conflict management. “A study commissioned by CPP Inc. in 2008 revealed that employees spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with conflict. Compounded across all workers in the U.S., this results in 385 million working days. Businesses cannot afford to lose that much productivity to conflict” (Anthony, 2010). Various communication strategies have been used in organizational conflict such as bargaining and negotiation, and third party.

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