Interpersonal Relationship : A Relationship Between Two People Essay

Interpersonal Relationship : A Relationship Between Two People Essay

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Interpersonal relationship is a relationship between two people. It could be with anyone. Such as spouse, friends, family members, or a significant one of yours. The only thing is, depends on whom you interacting, interpersonal relationship can be brief or lifelong. When you are deciding to build a healthy long term relationship with someone, you first need to learn how to use a good interpersonal relationship communication. Being a good communicator is very important aspect of relationship. Today, most relationship doesn’t last long because people are lack of ability to communicate effectively.

During my senior year in high school, I met so many interested people. They are totally different from each others’. Some are really easy to get along with, but some are not. Out of those interested people I have met, there was someone special who I got alone very well with, the girl’s named, Wa He Dar whom later became my best friend. We weren’t a classmate or anything, but we met everyday in a cafeteria since we had the same lunch’s time. She was a new student back then. When I first met her, I made an exception about her as a weird lady because she talked a lot. Even though she was a new students, she talked to everyone as she have known them for forever. Also, She is really good at making jokes, but she is a little clumsy and overreacted.

At the initiated stage, I didn’t like her because of how she acts and talks. I was thinking like how come a new girl be so outgoing with people she doesn’t known for so long. Even with me, she would open up to me about her experiences and her families’ matters even though I acted like I don’t interested. In fact, I didn 't like her because she was totally different from me. Usually, I do not talk t...

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...rimenting of the relationship with her, I thought our relationship is going to last long because the communication between us was so good. One thing I didn’t realize is that it could change that easily. The other thing I figured out is that how you communicate to your partner is very important when it comes to build a healthy relationship. I and my Best friend ended our relationship negatively because of our bad communication. I sometime regret about what happened to our relationship. I used to think it was her fault because she didn’t call me back and even found new friends. Later on, I came to know that it was not only her fault, but mine as well. I should have call her back and discuss the situation. If I have done that, I think everything would work out and we didn’t have to end our relationship like this. It all happened because we didn’t communicate very well.

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