The Interpersonal Communication Textbook, A Connection Established When We Communicate With Another Person

The Interpersonal Communication Textbook, A Connection Established When We Communicate With Another Person

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The definitions of relationship as stated in the Interpersonal Communication textbook, a “connection established when we communicate with another person”. In other words, any sort of interaction between a person would be considered a relationship, including the bonding of best friends. These relations assist us in defining ourselves through communication; by involving ourselves in interactions, we fulfill our basic human needs. Physical, social, identity, and practical needs are fulfilled through these approaches in the formation of relationships.
Although, my first encounter with Chloe DeBarge was not so pleasant, by establishing a relationship I was able to be more comfortable around her. I met her in eighth grade, she was forced to sit with me since I was the only girl in that class. Initially I offered her kindness and hinted if she wanted to be friends, unfortunately she was busy flirting with the boy behind me most of the time. When she wasn’t flirting, she was whipping her Rapunzel hair in my direction, causing me to immediately comfort the red area. To put it in a simpler terms, she was very rude and I did not like her one bit. As the year went, we eventually grew on each other, establishing trust similar to a ballet power couple. Every leap, pirouette, and grand allegros, also known as the most difficulties moves in ballet, were accomplished beside my best friend, Chloe DeBarge. She is my other half, she is there when I need comforting, relaxing, or assistance in accomplishing a task; which brings me to the basic human needs.
Many scholars presume that relationships are formed in order to fulfill one our physical, social, identity, and practical needs, however I believe that they are mandatory to satisfy to all of our n...

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...t get enough time to hang out with her. To put it another way, she is usually at her dad’s house during the weekends, holidays, and summer, which reduces the chances of us hanging out after school. Not only that, but school also conflicts with our time spent together; both of us are engrossed in school work that we barely get time to actually hang out. In the end, I am very satisfied with the position my best friend and I are in, and I wish to change nothing about it, other than the fact that we could hang out some more.
As a final point, humans establish relationships to fulfill their basic physical, social, identity, and practical needs. Through these key factors is how a relationship blooms, which is why they are vital at the beginning of a relationship and throughout it. In the end, I am satisfied of Chloe and I’s relationship and wish to chance nothing about it.

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