Essay on Interpersonal Communication And Its Effects On Our Lives

Essay on Interpersonal Communication And Its Effects On Our Lives

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It is evident that communication is a huge part of everyone 's everyday life. There are a variety of different ways that people use to communicate in their lives. But the most common way to communicate is through interpersonal communication. It occurs when two individuals are close and able to equip feedback to the other person involved. It does differ from just your typical communication because there are only a couple members involved, the people involved tend to be close with each other already, and the reaction is prompt. By listening to what someone else is saying is also interpersonal communication and when the material is acknowledged, it gives meaning to the information. It can be done verbally and non-verbally, and is not primarily focused on what is said, but also how it is said, which can include your gestures, facial expressions, and your tone of voice.
It is important to know that interpersonal communication is a studied accomplishment that is easily enhanced with expertise and plenty of practice. By acquiring these skills, you are more likely to express your feelings and your thoughts as well as knowledge more quickly. Not only that, but they tend to help you accept someone better. The three steps to effective interpersonal communication are, acknowledging the individual, sending a message, and affirmation.
I had a conversation with my mother previously that I paid careful attention to, and it was astonishing to me how our communication automatically changes depending on whether we are alone having our conversation, or in a public setting with other people surrounding us, so it evidently varies how we speak to each other and what information is shared.
My mom has been my best friend for years now and we have...

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... my mom, and that is something that will never change. But, being a friend also, and having my back and letting me trust her and open up to her, is something that will also never change either.
All in all, before I was told I needed to observe a conversation I would have with someone, I guess I just never really noticed all that has to take place to even have a conversation and all the things that go along to having one, either. Such as the nonverbal and verbal, pitch, and voice. Those are things that I just learned and never really considered while talking to someone. Because I observed one conversation, I am finding myself more and more observing other ones as well, which is all the most interesting to me. Communication is crucial, and this overall has driven me to focus on how I communicate with others, and how well others communicate with others, too.

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