Essay about Internship Plan For A School Year

Essay about Internship Plan For A School Year

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Although I have been offered this internship for the entire school year, this week marks my tenth week that I am registered for. My oh my am I happy that it is not really over, I would be sad. CONMED has grown on me, and I believe I have also grown on them. I really enjoy it here and I am happy that I have the opportunity to work with this company for the rest of my school year. However, I will say it will be nice to just come to work and not worry about assignments that have to be done alongside my internship. Now I’ll only have homework for my other classes to worry about. Although this is not a heavy weight lifted off my shoulder, it is a little bit and I am satisfied with that little bit.
Monday evening after work I was informed of horrible news, a loved one of mine suddenly had a seizure which then caused an aneurism and unfortunately left them brain dead. The doctors said that at the moment there is nothing they can do, until their brain swelling goes down. I felt devastated, here I am feeling like I have a moment to breathe after work and as soon as I reach the parking lot I ...

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