Internship Orientation Process For The Internship Agreement Forms Essay

Internship Orientation Process For The Internship Agreement Forms Essay

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The purpose of this report is to discuss the overall internship experience. Topics I will be covering are the four task areas that were checked off by my supervisor on the internship agreement forms. Those task areas were: Estimating, Safety, Project Administration and Management, and Field Layout and Surveying. Also, I will discuss different activities, experiences and lessons I learned throughout the whole internship.
Internship Orientation and Preparation
There was not much to the orientation process for myself. Kimball Construction Services, Inc. is a small company so not much was required. Orientation entailed having the office secretary make photo copies of my drivers’ license, meeting everyone that works for the company, and then giving me a binder to read with company policies and procedures. Within the binder also contained a safety section that I was told to be very familiar with because safety is very important. After that my supervisor drove me around for the day and showed me where some of the places are that I would be visiting frequently and introduced me to some of the people that work there. Preparation that is needed is to make sure your vehicle is in very good shape. Before you start get your vehicle inspected to make sure there is nothing wrong with it because you will be driving a lot, as I quickly found out.
Activities and Experiences
In this section I will discuss the four primary tasks that I performed on a regular basis. First, was going to the Houston Permitting Center. Other than maybe going along with Project Management this task did not complement any knowledge I have gained from previous courses, but as for future upper level courses this will be determined. Second, was Estimating. I ga...

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...ence Program has made the internship a part of the degree plan. I was able to use the knowledge that I gained in my previous courses, but now that I have experience from the field I will be able to bring that back and use it in future courses that I will take. Choosing to change my major to Construction Science has been one of the greatest choices I have made.
My only recommendation is to maybe get rid of a weekly report or two, or change them to essays. I understand that these reports are essential but the problem with the weekly reports is that I found my communication and administration portions were basically the same thing over and over again. Maybe consider taking one or two reports out, change them to essays or add in another monthly progress report instead.
"On my honor, as an Aggie, I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this academic work.”

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