Internship Experience At The Children 's Home Of Reading Essay

Internship Experience At The Children 's Home Of Reading Essay

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Internship Experience
During the course of time, I’ve learned many useful things that have led me to be the person I want to be today. From college classes to work experiences, I now have the ability to exceed upon internship experiences that can shape my perspective on life. The purpose of this paper is to summarize, reflect, analyze, and synthesize on my internship experience at the Children’s Home of Reading-Acute Partial Hospitalization Program.
The Children’s Home of Reading was originally called Home for Friendless Children which was established in 1884. In the beginning, it was a day nursery for working mothers. By 1947, the name was officially changed to the Children’s Home of Reading to better describe its atmosphere and purpose. By 1955, the Children’s Home of Reading began its expansion beyond temporary shelter and care to acute problems. In the 60s and 70s, the facility offered treatment oriented care rather than custodial care. This is where the idea from alternative care rather than hospitalization care came into place. In 1974, the Board of Directors expanded to accommodate more children suffering from serious problems including abuse, neglect, trauma, and drug abuse. Today, the facility stands by its mission statement which is “caring for the needs of children and families in crisis and preparing them for success in life”.
The Children’s Home of Reading is a leading provider of counseling, treatment, and education to children and families in crisis. These programs can be broken up into residential treatment, academic school, and community based facilities. My internship was with the community based program, it was called the Acute Partial Hospitalization Program. In this program, I dealt with children ages 5-12 y...

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...ern, I understood that my internship experience helped cultivate my understanding of the differences in age, mentality, and the environment each child is exposed to that leads them to develop these moderate to profound acute psychiatric disorders. I also established that working in a school setting like the Children’s Home of Reading-Acute Partial Hospitalization Program was not the place for me. The reason for this was because I felt it was unfair to each child to not be able to get the clear, cut attention they deserve. For my next internship, what I’ve decided to do differently is to engage and interact more with my next Supervisor. In this internship, I did not have the opportunity to get to personally know my Supervisor because she was in meetings and/or intakes on existing or new clients etc. All I can do now is look forward to new experiences, new internships.

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