Internship Entry Essay and Working with Children

Internship Entry Essay and Working with Children

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I was confident, but I was overconfident. I had though that I would be able to take on the responsibility of taking care of my niece over the summer, but the truth had proved me wrong. In my imagination, taking care of a child meant providing him or her with basic needs such as food, shelter and playtime. It had never occurred to me that children are in need of love and care just as much as adults do. As I took on the role of being an aunt, I found myself to be completely lost as to how I should approach my five year old niece. I had never felt that way before. During those three months, I learned one very important lesson. Taking care of a child is time consuming and it is not as simple as a reward and punishment system. A child understands what is happening around them and reacts accordingly. Though they may not think the way adults do, they certainly are not unintelligent as they are full of curiosity and creativity.
Although taking care of my niece sparked my interest on how children thinks, what really inspired me was when I job shadowed at the OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital as a requirement for one of my classes. At first, I dreaded the long eight hours I was going to be there. I had to wake up early, miss school, and had no idea about what was awaiting for me. I was sure that it would be boring and tedious. However, experience once again proved me wrong. Even though I have to admit that it was a little dull as there was not a lot of interaction, I was impressed by how the staff members worked with the family to help the child out. As I observed, I could tell that the staff members truly cared about their patients and their family. It was the relationship between them that changed my initial thoughts about how a docto...

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...ence, not judge it based on what others tell me. I still remember hearing the saying “Even if you know there is a wall in front of you, you will not know that you will get hurt until bump into it.” It is true that I many not like it afterall, but I am now determined to not only give research a chance, but to also give myself a chance at it.
It is within my knowledge that if I do get accepted, the research topic available may not be exactly what I am interested in. However, any sort of research will aid me in my search for an area that will fit me as it will expose me to more fields. Research is the first step to solving many of the problems faced by society today, and I am sure that this will be a new starting point for me. While the answers that come out may not always be accurate and reliable, it does serves as a way for researchers to find possible answers.

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