Essay on Internship Briefing : Whitney Moss

Essay on Internship Briefing : Whitney Moss

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Internship Briefing – Whitney Moss

The law firm of Robichaux, Mize, Wadsack, Watson, Richardson, and Ironclad Title is a firm that provides a broad range of legal services to individuals and business clients throughout Louisiana and the southeastern part of Texas. This firm advises and represents clients in the areas of real estate, commercial and mortgage lending, corporations, business transactions, contracts and leases, estate planning, successions, finance, oil and gas transactions and litigation, banking, creditors rights and commercial litigation. The attorneys at the law firm of Robichaux, Mize, Wadsack, Watson, Richardson, and Ironclad Title are admitted to and have represented clients in all levels of the courts of the state of Louisiana, the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the United States Eastern, Middle and Western District Courts and the United States Bankruptcy Courts. the firm also provides experienced legal representation to individuals who have been injured by the negligence, carelessness or intentional acts of others. We represent people who have suffered personal injuries in a variety of types of cases, including automobile and trucking accidents, offshore and maritime injuries, boating accidents, exposure to toxic chemicals, harmful or dangerous products, and wrongful death cases. At this law firm I have been able to witness the signing of legal congrats of individuals buying and selling homes as well as getting paperwork signed by judges at the Calcasieu Parish Clerk of Courts, in Lake Charles.
The attorneys and paralegals at this firm are known to possess high academic credentials, maintain strong community ties, are committed to the pursuit of excellence, communicate effectively, and demons...

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... to being book smart and street smart, learning something physically and hands on makes comprehending that particular subject that much easier in the long run, at least for me that is. This firm has advised various cases on a win spectrum and I to have been able to sit it on some of their larger, more detailed cases. I have worked with this law firm off and on for 7 years and I kept coming back for their loving atmosphere and eagerness to grow as a company, which they have done exceptionally well. I find that it is rather challenging to find a job that one doesn 't complain about going to, is family friendly, understanding, cares about the employees well-being, and has great morals behind its name. This firm is a well-rounded firm, from the clients to the employees, we always welcome individual with a warm smile and greeting and that is what keeps any business going.

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