Internship At The O ' Fallon Ymca Essay

Internship At The O ' Fallon Ymca Essay

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This summer I completed my 300 hour internship at the O’Fallon YMCA. During this time I was able to use the skills I learned in previous health education, as well as, gain new skills that I was unaware I possessed. While interning at the YMCA I worked closely with the summer camp kids and helped different YMCA staffs with certain projects they needed assistance with along the way. Reflecting on the time I spent with the YMCA I realized I used numerous health education responsibilities.
While interning with the YMCA summer camp, I was mostly placed with group (ages 2-5 year), so I was able to get to know all kids and see any health concerns within this population. Since I was able to work so closely with this specific group, I used Area of Responsibility I to asses the kids the needs to properly prepare effective health implementations that would best fit their needs/level of knowledge. Everyday at camp I would look at the snacks/lunches the kids brought. I observed their level of physical engagement, and ‘tested’ their knowledge on certain health topics such oral health, hand washing, and naming of fruits and vegetables.
While interning for the YMCA I was in close contact with the lead kinder camp coordinator (Deria), the head camp coordinators, as well as, other department heads within the organization. It was important for me to stay in close contact with these people so I could prioritize the needs of the campers and get involved in new volunteer opportunities that aroused. Using Area of Responsibility II, I was able to understand how the head coordinator of the YMCA summer camp wanted me to carry out certain tasks and programs. For example, the head camp coordinator asked me weeks before summer cam...

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...have learned through this experience is the importance of our youth. This generation is exposed to more technology, verbal abuse, and unhealthy behaviors and not enough love and compassion. It truly hurt me when campers would lash out at me, not because they hurt my feelings, but because they were lacking so much love in their life. If I have one goal in this world, it is to stop that, to make sure every child and young adult has love in his or her life. I believe love and a support system is the foundation to a healthy life, whether that is physical, mental, sexual, or environmental health; love and the people you have in your life can shape your future choices. I am glad I got to be that person this summer. I hope my passion for helping children and career meet one day, because this internship clarified that this is what I need to be doing for the rest of my life.

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