The Internet's Profound Effect on Society Essay

The Internet's Profound Effect on Society Essay

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We have come a long way in worldwide technological advancement. Computers are a way of living now but years ago everything was documented on paper and before then on stone. Indeed, the internet hosts an enormous informational base. Technology has made it possible for this information to reach far and wide. It would be almost unheard for the average American to go one day without the internet. By the year of 2000, more than one-half of all American households had personal computers. Today, the number must have tripled (Mary Fitzpatrick: American ways). There is no doubt that the internet serves as an important data base worldwide.
On one hand, the internet is not only a source of entertainment, but it is also a major source of news, information and goods for sale. Individuals can customize, or personalize, the news they receive about current events, new products, sales and special offers. Individuals can set up their own news sites and web blogs. Musicians can record their CDs and sell them on the web. Indeed, it is now possible to find just about anything or anyone on the internet. Today, more than 10,000 application programs are available on computers( Such programs include word processing ,spreadsheet, and communication programs; lets not forget these are just 3 programs out of 10,000. Computers are basically used in all areas of our day to day life. Computers are used and will continue to be used in education , medicine, travel, and business. Students and teachers alike depend on computers. Students can conduct research, check his or her grade, and in math computing over a million calculations per second. In addition, teachers can update their lessons and record student grades.
On the other hand, c...

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...a givens quotes “ The human race deserves to retain its individuality separate from technology we ourselves have created. We hold dominion over it. It does not claim dominion over us”. That is to say, one should not change his or her(s) ways of thinking regardless of the latest technology. By the same token, the internet is a human creation; therefore, we hold control over the internet it does not hold control over us.
There is no doubt the internet has and continues to have a profound effect on our society as a whole. Hence, when surfing the web be sure to take the internets’ latest features in consideration; thanking the internets latest exceptional features. The internet is more powerful that it has ever been, and will continue to grow in power and influence for the foreseeable future, and by that I mean generations to come, not just for a few years.

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