Essay The Internet's Harm on Children

Essay The Internet's Harm on Children

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The Internet's Harm on Children
The Internet has affected our lives in a considerable way. We use the internet in order to connect with society, look up information for work and educational purposes, shop, handle daily errands such as paying bills and so on. Children are not excluded from this, in fact they are capable of using internet more effectively than adults. The reason for this being that chıldren are able to learn to use new technology faster than theır adult counterparts. It is wıdely accepted that having internet connection can be very useful for children, teachers and children consider internet as a powerful tool to access to academic sources to research for theır classes and homework (Ofcome, 2007). Also having the internet is perceived as an good opportunity for children to meet new people and keep up with their friends. This is true if children use internet in a proper way. However, there is a possibility that they can encounter inappropriate materials even while searching for educational information or trying to relax with games. Violent scenes and uncensored sexual material cause serious damage for childhood development, as they can cause children to be aggressive and lonely adults. The first solution for protecting children from these harms is internet blocking and filtering programs. Although they come to forefront by means of their easy usage properties, most of the time filtering programs cannot provide an overall coverage from the internet’s harm. Therefore, parents should have involved in this process by monitoring and helping their children. Moreover media lessons which inform students about the internet’s harm can be very helpful for children.
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... to access violent video games and pornography. These materials cause children to have aggressive behavior and desensitize toward violence. Exposing these, children suffer from their adverse effect not only in their childhood years but also their adult life. To prevent the internet's side effects on children parents should guide their children how to use the internet properly and monitor them without suffocating. Furthermore, if media classes which explain students reasons why they should refrain from violent video games and uncensored material can help children to keep away from them. Further researches should examine how blocking and filtering programs can be improved for detecting and preventing unwanted exposure to pornography. Moreover children who have media lessons should be observed in order to find defects and show teachers and parents how to fill the gaps.

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