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Internet Usage Of The Internet Essay

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Abstract- The Internet is a very strong and powerful weapon that has evolved over the years from its origin in the early 1960’s. The Internet has grown from being used for military use only to now becoming a part of everyday life. The Internet is the largest, most powerful computer network. Internet usage has grown rapidly over the last decade. There are billions of Internet users throughout the world and the numbers are continuously growing by the second.

Keywords— Communication, Computer Network, Decode, ARPANET, packet switching, Security,

I. Introduction
Communication has become much more convenient due to the invention of the Internet. The Internet has seamlessly become a part of the everyday life of people in general. The Internet is probably the most intricate piece of technology known to man. Today, The Internet is used for pretty much any and everything. From research, playing games and chatting with people across the world. The Internet is full of useful information as well as false information. The Internet allows for many different was to connect and communicate with others. As the Internet has been evolving, so has the communication among people.
II. What is the Internet?
The largest most intricate computer network, which is also know as the World Wide Web (www). The Internet has the capability of connecting numerous amounts of computers together in order to allow for communication. The way it works is that it allows for a computer to send and receive information to another computer for the information to be decoded and processed.

III. Background
The Internet was originally a private network that was created for top-secret governmental usage. But after about two decades after the development of the Interne...

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...not trusted, that’s how hackers get in your computer. Some Anti-virus programs like MacAfee, Norton, and AVG can protect you from websites that are not trusted and blocks viruses.

VIIII. Conclusion
Ever since the Internet has been made available to the public, not lot of people had it but that has improved rapidly in a short 20 years. Now, about 46 percent of the worlds population uses the Internet. It has made a significant change in the lives of people everywhere. People are now capable of communicating with anybody, even on the other side of the world with ease. The Internet has also made shopping, traveling and business better. Although there advantages, those advantages come with risks such as cyber-bullying, hackers and viruses on the Internet. Overall, research suggest that the future has many more opportunities to provide, and bring people closer than ever.

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