Essay on Internet Usage Of Public Education

Essay on Internet Usage Of Public Education

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With the expansion of internet usage in public education came the rise of plagiarism in many written works. Plagiarism seem 's to be all time high topic in education today due to easy access of information in search engines such as google and Wikipedia. Students are making the wrong choices by using other people 's work from the internet which in term results in plagiarism. The lack of knowledge of technology and how it works has a big impact in how student 's work should be approached, and more has to be done to improve the understanding and learning skill 's that can be used properly to deter plagiarism in education. Both Sleeping with the Enemy: Wikipedia in the College Classroom by Chandler, C. J., & Gregory and the article A Strategy to Reduce Plagiarism in an Undergraduate Course. The teaching of Psychology by Belter, R. W., & Pré, A discusses similar views on plagiarism being connected to student knowledge of the topic, and the articles both present the steps needed to take to further educate the students to receive proper training.

Chandler, C. J., & Gregory 's article is about how the students usage of Wikipedia had an effect on their research. They conducted a study to improve students research to learn by using Wikipedia and providing their knowledge to brainstorm. Students were given a list of topics to use and be able to set up their own Wikipedia page and update their information and to be sure to view their information that they posted. Students started to notice that there were changes being made which lead to frustration They noticed how easily things can be changed on Wikipedia. While some of the students received benefits of learning what Wikipedia really was and how it worked some continued to lack the knowle...

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... ' This demonstrates that constructing an assignment for students help build critical thinking abilities and having students learn about a process. When it comes to learning the faculty provides the student with best of interest how to gain information step by step and impacts the students learning in the best of interest.

With the expanding internet use and technology in today 's classrooms, it has become really important for students to get a basic knowledge of proper research study. in both articles the study 's conducted helped the student learn and gain critical thinking how to be able to study the concept of research. the internet and use of technology with continue to grow and it 's important that students continue to expand their knowledge in research and learning tools to creating a great success and the best of knowledge they can learn in today 's world.

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