Internet Tracking Is An Assault On Liberty, By Jim Harpers Essay

Internet Tracking Is An Assault On Liberty, By Jim Harpers Essay

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“Human beings are not meant to lose their anonymity and privacy,” Sarah Chalke. When using the web, web users’ information tend to be easily accessible to government officials or hackers. In Nicholas Carr’s “Tracking Is an Assault on Liberty,” Jim Harpers’ “Web Users Get As Much As They Give,” and Lori Andrews “Facebook is Using You” the topic of internet tracking stirred up many mixed views; however, some form of compromise can be reached on this issue, laws that enforces companies to inform the public on what personal information is being taken, creating advisements on social media about how web users can be more cautious to what kind of information they give out online, enabling your privacy settings and programs, eliminating weblining, and also by attacking this problem early on by offering classes for the youth on internet safely.
One compromise that can be reached on the issue of internet tracking would be inputting laws that impose companies to inform the public on what personal information is being taken. Andrews informs readers that in other countries they have laws that give web users the right to know what information companies uses: “In Europe, laws give people the right to know what data companies have about them, but that is not the case in the United States” (551). Perhaps, if the United States would have laws like the ones in Europe many of the pop-up ads that occur on the side of any web page would not occur anymore, if web users had a choice of what information the public would like to “leak” to these companies. Carr explains to readers on how web users internet is being tracked: “Pretty much everything we do online, down to individual keystrokes and clicks, is recorded, stores in cookies and corporate database...

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... have experience this phase during middle school. With the power of education and common sense, the internet perhaps may be safe once again.
Although some people do like internet tracking for different reasons, because it allows us to have access to popular search engines such as Google, Bing, MSN, and Yahoo!. Internet tracking is still wrong in the eyes of many web users; however, some kind of agreement can be meet on the issue of internet tracking; laws that enforces companies to inform the public on what personal information is being used, creating advisements on social media about how web users can be more cautious to what kind of information they put, enabling your privacy settings and programs, eliminating weblining, also by attacking this problem early on by offering classes for the youth on internet safely. How much do web users really value their privacy?

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