Internet Security: Hackers Essay

Internet Security: Hackers Essay

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The internet has brought pleasures and benefits to our lives since it was invented. Although this fact is true, Internet permits strangers “called hackers” to spy, hack and enter our private world in networks. According to Network world, one website was hacked every five seconds. Hacking is a taboo operation by stealthily accessing. During hacking, the hackers steal user’s data and their money. Also, they may destroy their computer or their important projects, and they build strong link between their computer and user’s computer to enter on it whenever they want to. In order to prevent hackers from infiltrating computers, users must install security programs, have strong accounts, and avoid sharing personal information.
One efficient solution to prevent hacking is to install security programs. There are two types of security programs. The first type is antivirus program that software protects computers by inspecting every file and website, and if it finds virus, it will immediately deal with it. For example, Antivirus and Avira Antivirus Personal are such valuable programs that rea...

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