Internet Search Engine Or A Database Essay

Internet Search Engine Or A Database Essay

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Many elements must be considered when researching information for a paper, whether it is through an Internet search engine or a database. The Internet is full of information that is trustworthy, but one must know how to find it. Search engines and databases can be extremely helpful if they are navigated correctly and valid references can be found to support the information. In order to properly research a topic, the different sources available to research information and validate the accuracy, relevance and accountability of the information found must be considered.
EBSCOhost’s Academic Search Premier database, which is usually available through the library, is extremely useful for research by pulling articles from magazines, academic journals, publications and newspapers, all of which are published. There are ways to narrow search results, such as by using Boolean phrases or limiting search results to “peer reviewed” articles, where every article found is considered scholarly. For example, upon searching “privacy and security on the internet” as a basic search, 955 results appeared, all of which were from academic journals or periodicals. When limited to “peer reviewed” and “references available,” the number of articles impressively decreased from 955 to 13 results files containing full text articles with citations.
When I typed “privacy and security on the internet” into Google, I received 629,000,000 results, most of which were from Wikipedia, unreliable websites without credentials and credible sources, or websites full of ads. After revising my search and adding ‘“privacy and security on the internet” site:edu,’ the results dramatically narrowed to 6,260 results and were mostly full text articles from universities. But, even...

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...government or educational websites, but it is not as easily accessible or quickly found as through a database. It may take extra time and steps to figure out if information is relevant and credible through a website article than through an article on a database. Search engines generate a great deal of results from ads, blogs, and popular websites, such as Wikipedia. Databases generate results from scholarly journals, magazines, newspapers, and encyclopedias, none of which have ads.
Through the open Internet, anyone can publish information that seems credible and valid, but through a database, all information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis. Although it seems much easier to go to Google or Yahoo for a quick answer to a research question, spending a little more time on a database is extremely beneficial for more accurate, relevant, and accountable results.

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