The Internet Resources And Services That Provide Information On Methods Of Contraception

The Internet Resources And Services That Provide Information On Methods Of Contraception

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There are various internet resources and services that provide information on methods of contraception. What I noticed from the majority of websites, is that they all provided generally the same information. Many of the websites provided information on the effectiveness on the contraceptive, how safe it is, the benefits, and disadvantages, how the form of contraception is used, and the cost. There seem to be quite a few resources provided on the topic of contraception, but not all provided information that was accurate, and some were inconsistent and difficult to navigate through.
  While searching contraception methods, I found that a lot of the websites were catered towards teenage girls and women, with site names such as advocates for youth, and centre for young women’s health, and women’s health. Not one website that I found was created towards men’s methods of contraception, and how they can prevent contracting sexually transmitted infections, or methods to reduce their partner from getting pregnant. Other than condoms there are no other forms that I found from the websites that men can use to prevent pregnancy, and reduce the occurrence of them and their partner from sexually transmitted infections. The websites I discovered dealing with contraception introduced me to the immense amount of contraception’s that are available. I was aware of the more favoured and frequently used methods of contraception, such as condoms and birth control pills, but the websites opened up an entire array of methods that can be used to reduce the chance of pregnancy, and sexually transmitted infections.  Analyzing these websites I learned that there are female condoms, cervical caps, diaphragms, vaginal rings and patches that can all be used as...

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...different hormonal, non-hormonal and natural forms of contraceptions that I was not aware of before. Reading through the website, I learned quite a bit and I believe that I now have a better understanding of contraceptives. This website was not the best out of the ones that I have gone through. It lacked in information about how each form of contraception works within the body which I believe is very important to know.The website was inconsistent on providing statistics for effectiveness, and also inconsistent on explaining the processes within the body. Certain forms of contraception had more information than the others. It was much harder to navigate through and find the information that I was searching for, and the wording on most effectiveness was misleading, giving the impression that certain forms of contraceptive methods are more effective than they truly are.

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