The Internet Protocol Suite Is The Protocol Of The World Wide Web Essay

The Internet Protocol Suite Is The Protocol Of The World Wide Web Essay

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The Internet Protocol Suite is the communication language utilized on the Internet or World Wide Web. Transmission Control Protocol is the central protocol of Internet Protocol Suite which combined together is known as TCP/IP. It is associated within the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) models. This protocol was originally designed in the 1970’s under a project funded by US Department of Defense. Project members at Stanford University under guidance from the Department of Defense developed this concept to ensure military communications would continue after a nuclear attack by making use of any remaining networking capacity (soure2). The role of TCP/IP has expanded significantly with the expansion and dependence of the World Wide Web and network communications for both professional and private use. New concepts and use of networks for everyday activity has continued to evolve. TCP/IP and OSI models offer several options with the ability to improve current use with new software which can aid in reducing network congestion for businesses.

When someone sets up direct access to the Internet, their computer is provided a copy of TCP/IP program just as every other computer that you may send messages to or get information from also has a copy of TCP/IP (source1). This two-layer program uses the client/server concept to communicate with another computer in the network. Therefore, a computer user or client will send out a request and receive a service by another user (server) in the network. An example of this setup would be sending and receiving a Webpage. TCP/IP is designed as a point-to-point communication as it is from one host computer to another point (host computer) in a network. Furthermore, this communications protocol can als...

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...shed at a different frequency.

Technology associated communications/networking is continuingly evolving and improving at a fast pace. IT departments for big corporations along with individuals assigned to smaller companies responsible for software and equipment oversight must establish a relationship/utilize reliable vendors, attend necessary training, and be familiar with network specifications. Moreover, they must be intimately familiar with TCP/IP protocols and OSI models for efficiently. Some industry leading vendors for hardware and software include Cisco, Oracle, and Microsoft. The right network equipment will drastically improve system reliability and performance. As such, the IT department/assigned personnel should conduct quarterly surveys along with detailed research from other sources to determine the needs at hand prior to a systems end of life cycle.

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